6 things I love right now!

There are lots of things that make my sewing easier or more enjoyable. Here’s 6 things I am loving right now!

1. Frixion Erasable Pens and Markers


I love these markers so much! They show up just like a regular marker and erase with just a little bit of friction. Because they are erased using heat the lines disappear with just a wave of the iron. I use them to mark up pattern pieces, draw grids for pleating, mark a hem, and so much more. I’m more likely to mark a garment now than I was before because I know the mark will come totally off. I loved them so much I ordered a set of the pens for my gradebook!

Amazon, $15

2. A rolled hem

Rolled hems are like magic. They easily finish off ruffles without the weight of a regular hem and I sew a lot of ruffles. The first time I used a rolled hem I was in awe of how pretty it looked.


Tips on making a rolled hem can be found in the Simply Tickled Tutorial

3. Sainte Claire


I love love love this clothing line. It’s Spanish and if I could afford it I would buy every single piece. I love that all of the clothes on this website highlight the beauty of the child wearing it.

Sainte Claire, make sure you look at the baby line and the girls’ line.

4. Vintage Patterns

I just finished a dress for Maggie using the Simplicity pattern 6422 from 1966 and am working on the accompanying pinafore. I love the clean lines and the pattern assumes that anyone reading it would be well versed in sewing. As soon as I get it finished I’ll put it up on the site.



Find tons of vintage patterns on Etsy

5. Wawak Sewing Supplies


This is THE best website for thread, rulers, zippers, and notions. The prices are much lower than places like Joann’s, the shipping is fast, and the quality is amazing. We’ve already made two orders and will probably make another soon. If you use a serger this is definitely the place to buy serger thread.

Wawak Sewing Supplies

6.  The SMART Scrap Made Art Store


This store is amazing. 20140819_182946They take donations of any kind of craft supply, organize, and sell them. The prices are amazing. Last time I was there I got a ton of trim, 17 yards of fabric, and a bucket of buttons all for less than $40. A lot of the stuff they have is vintage and you never know what you’re going to find. As an added bonus they work with a local non-profit  and provide employment opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Smart Scrap Made Art Supplies


We love to hear from you. Tell us what you love right now.

– Carrie