Grace by Violette Fields Threads

When I started sewing my biggest hang up was that everything was just too precious to be worn. What if it got stained, what if it got muddy, what if it ripped? All of these are a possibility with an active toddler. The first dresses I made her got hardly any wear because they would go to church and then the minute we got home they’d go back on a hanger.

My mom finally made me realize that clothes should be worn. And if they got destroyed than that was just a great excuse to  make another dress.

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The Friday Five

I am starting a new, recurring series here at Sewing for Peanuts. Each Friday I’m going to be posting about five somethings. It could be patterns, fabrics, recipes, just whatever strikes my fancy.

This week I’ve been thinking about the things we don’t want to do. How hesitant we as seamstresses are to learn a new technique. I’ve heard so many people say, “Oh that pattern is lovely but I don’t know how to do X.”

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Spring Sewing


I am already working on our summer sewing but before we completely succumb to mermaid fever I wanted to highlight some of the dresses we made this spring.  Continue reading


Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?


We love princess movies around here. All of the best princess movies came out when I was growing up and it is so fun to share them with Maggie and enjoy them all over again. One of our favorites is The Little Mermaid. Maggie thinks she is a mermaid (despite the fact that she cannot swim yet.)  Continue reading


Coming Soon!

Sewing for Peanuts is hitting the presser foot August 1st!