Pattern Review: The Pippa Dress


The Pippa Dress by Bubby and Me Creations is the perfect princess dress. The finishing is lovely and the options are endless. Best yet it is a pattern than makes any girl shine like a princess.

You know when you make a dress and it’s pretty but maybe doesn’t seem all that special, and then you put it on and some sort of magic happens and the combination of the dress and the girl turns into something amazing? This was that dress. Something about the length of the skirt, the princess seams, and the invisible zipper make this dress gorgeous when on.



The first version I made was fairly simple, just cotton woven in a soft palette but it made her look just like a ballerina. It’s not a tutu or a fancy print but when I opened these photos I just fell even more in love.

It said ballerina to me so much that I did something I never willingly do. I bought tulle.


I hate sewing with tulle, but this dress was totally worth it. 8 layers of tulle and because it’s not super gathered it turned out soft and lovely. The pink was a perfect contrast to this art gallery fabric I’ve been hoarding for ages.

This pattern will easily become a go-to for me. And if you still aren’t convinced just look at this zipper. It’s only the 2nd invisible zipper I’ve ever installed but do to Nikki’s amazing instructions it looks perfect. I now look at every dress and try to figure out how to install a zipper instead, it is that easy.


In sizes from 18m – 10 this dress can be used for so many things including dress up princess dresses, play dresses, and party outfits. The skirt options include a pleated version and a circle skirt.

Pick up this pattern on sale until 9/11/16 for only $9.00 here.




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