Friday 5: Five things I Learned from #mamamadejune


When I first thought “Hey, maybe Maggie could wear stuff I made everyday for a month.” I didn’t honestly know how it would turn out. Could I get through an entire month? I picked a short month, and a summer month which made it a little bit easier. I did learn a ton, about my sewing, about Maggie, and about what makes this hobby so special. Here are five things I learned over the last 30 days. 

1.) I love Violette Fields Threads. Maybe too much. 

I knew this already but when I counted it up twenty out of the last 30 days she wore a dress made from a pattern by VFT. Without a repeat. I need to start branching out, but instead I’ll just buy more patterns by them like I did today.

 2.) Maggie prefers skirts. 

When given the option to pick her own clothing Maggie chose a skirt if one was available. She doesn’t own many but she loves the ones she has. I have resolved to start making more skirts, even though they are boring.

3.) Get the camera. Just get the camera. 

Before this month I always defaulted to my phone because it was handy, even though it doesn’t have a great camera. This month I started relying more on my DSLR and I got some amazing photos of Maggie. I also read up on how to  get better lighting, better angles, and what not to do. My photos progressively got better as the month went on. I have also been doing a lot of testing of new patterns and the improved photo skills have helped that as well.

4.) I need to start drafting more of my own stuff. 

When I first started sewing I drafted most of my own patterns because it was cheaper. Since then I’ve started relying more and more on patterns I’ve bought but I did draft a few of my own things this month and there is something so satisfying about creating something out of my own imagination, even if I’m just tweaking a pattern a little bit.

5.) The hardest part was not the sewing. 

I sewed a lot in June. A LOT! Most of the things Maggie wore were made in June. The hardest part of the whole thing was finding the time to take a picture of it. It was totally worth it. I have some photos of Maggie I would never have taken otherwise. I also realized that I have spent less than $20 on store bought clothes for Maggie all summer. Almost her entire wardrobe is now mama-made!

All 30 Days


From left to right:

  1. Matilda by Violette Fields Threads
  2. Sommer Romper by Violette Fields Threads
  3. Clara by Violette Fields Threads
  4. Clara by Violette Fields Threads
  5. Grace by Violette Fields Threads
  6. Clara by Violette Fields Threads
  7. Sommer by Violette Fields Threads
  8. Grace by Violette Fields Threads
  9. Kate by Violette Fields Threads
  10. Berry Bubble Shorts by Mummykins and Me
  11. Cosette by Violette Fields Threads
  12. Twirl Skirt
  13. Kate Shorts by Violette Fields Threads
  14. Camille Top by Violette Fields Threads, Bubbla Shorts by The Eli Monster
  15. Berry Bubble Shorts by Mummykins and Me
  16. Matilda by Violette Fields Threads
  17. Camille Top by Violette Fields Threads, Bubbla Shorts by The Eli Monster
  18. Clara top by Violette Fields Threads, Strawberry Fields Pants by FooFoo Threads
  19. Haven by Violette Fields Threads
  20. Flat Front Skirt (lovingly called “the Amish Skirt”)
  21. Twirltastic Tutu by Mummykins and Me
  22. Matilda by Violette Fields Threads
  23. Annie by Violette Fields Threads
  24. Emily by Violette Fields Threads
  25. Twirl Skirt
  26. Lauren by Violette Fields Threads
  27. Sneak Peek of Sparkles Twirl Dress and Tunic by Grammie’s Dolls
  28. Emily by Violette Fields Threads
  29. Ruffled Circle Skirt
  30. Sneak Peek of Sparkles Twirl Dress and Tunic by Grammie’s Dolls

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