Pattern Review: The Twirltastic Tutu


Sewing with tulle is a little like having a baby. At some point in the middle of it you always think to yourself, “This is awful, I will never, ever, do this again.” And then your little princess puts whatever it is on and turns into some sort of magical fairy and you forget every crazy moment of the assembly and fall madly in love. The Twirltastic Tutu pattern from Mummykins and Me is no different.

This pattern is not difficult, even a complete novice can put this together if you can sew a straight line. It’s also what I call a couch project, meaning it is the sort of mindless project you can do while sitting on the couch binge watching Call the Midwife.

The pattern includes lots of options for making it less full, more full, and different sizes. I made mine 2 layers of tulle with ribbon attached to the top layer only. I used crochet headband material off a roll cut to her waist measurement when stretched.


I also used glitter tulle. Do not do this. My house looks like Tinkerbell exploded. There was glitter everywhere and on everyone, and you can’t even really tell in the final project.

Best of all this pattern is FREE if you join the Mummykins and Me Facebook Group.

Dollar and Cents: peanut-shell-clipart-1 peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1

The pattern is free but the materials can quickly get expensive if you don’t shop on sale and pay close attention. I spent about $20 buying tulle and ribbon 50% at Hobby Lobby which is more than I usually spend on an outfit but it is a special occasion piece. Keep this in mind when planning.

Princess Rating: 56f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc7

This pattern is perfectly princess. Tons of poof and twirl, plus it’s a tutu. This could easily be turned into a themed tutu of any princess and if I make it again I’ll probably do one in purples and tell Maggie it’s Princess Sophia.




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