Pattern Review: The Bubbla Shorts



Pattern Review: The Bubbla Shorts by The Eli Monster

You know when you make a pattern for the first time and even while you are cutting you are picturing other fabrics you can make it in? This is that pattern. I was so lucky to test The Bubbla Shorts by the Eli Monster. They turn out so beautifully and are so comfortable they are sure to become a staple of our summer wardrobe!

You can make this pattern in prints or solids; in a light weight voile like the chambray, in quilting cotton, or in thicker fabrics to wear over tights in the winter. With only three pattern pieces and quick construction these shorts go together in about an hour from start to finish, making them a perfect piece to pair with all those cute summer tops.


A little monkey in some flamingo shorts

This pattern comes in a wide range of sizes from newborn to 12. The pattern pieces are in layers so you only need to print the size you need. The back and front are separate pieces so the rise in the back is accurate and is roomy enough in the smaller sizes to accommodate even the fluffiest diaper.

Dollars and Cents: peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1

This pattern is a great value because of the size range, the smaller amount of fabric needed to sew them up, and best of all it’s on sale for a limited time for $7.


Princess Shorts

Princess Rating: 56f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc7

These are the princessiest of shorts. The bubble silhouette is perfect for the princess on the go.

You can get the pattern here.


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