Grace by Violette Fields Threads

When I started sewing my biggest hang up was that everything was just too precious to be worn. What if it got stained, what if it got muddy, what if it ripped? All of these are a possibility with an active toddler. The first dresses I made her got hardly any wear because they would go to church and then the minute we got home they’d go back on a hanger.

My mom finally made me realize that clothes should be worn. And if they got destroyed than that was just a great excuse to  make another dress.


Sommer Romper by Violette Fields Threads

What does this have to do with Mama-made June? I’ve resolved that Maggie will wear nothing but Mama-made every day this month.

(Why mama-made? I don’t like the phrase hand-made because, well, I use a machine. And I don’t like the phrase homemade because that’s what you call pies. Mama-made implies love but doesn’t detract from my skill.)


Clara by Violette Fields Threads

Doing this for the past 9 days I’ve started to notice some trends. The first is I really really love Violette Fields Threads. It’s more like an obsession. I have patterns by other people, I swear I do, but for the last 9 days it’s been all VFT, all the time. The second is that Maggie gravitates towards the dresses. If she picks it’s a full on dress, if I pick it’s a romper or shorts and top.


Another Sommer!

I’ll be posting what we’re wearing everyday on Facebook and Instagram so make sure to follow me on those places.

I’ve also got some adorable patterns I’m testing and some new patterns I can’t wait to sew up!


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