Pattern Review: The Twirltastic Tutu


Sewing with tulle is a little like having a baby. At some point in the middle of it you always think to yourself, “This is awful, I will never, ever, do this again.” And then your little princess puts whatever it is on and turns into some sort of magical fairy and you forget every crazy moment of the assembly and fall madly in love. The Twirltastic Tutu pattern from Mummykins and Me is no different.

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Pattern Review: The Bubbla Shorts



Pattern Review: The Bubbla Shorts by The Eli Monster

You know when you make a pattern for the first time and even while you are cutting you are picturing other fabrics you can make it in? This is that pattern. I was so lucky to test The Bubbla Shorts by the Eli Monster. They turn out so beautifully and are so comfortable they are sure to become a staple of our summer wardrobe!

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Grace by Violette Fields Threads

When I started sewing my biggest hang up was that everything was just too precious to be worn. What if it got stained, what if it got muddy, what if it ripped? All of these are a possibility with an active toddler. The first dresses I made her got hardly any wear because they would go to church and then the minute we got home they’d go back on a hanger.

My mom finally made me realize that clothes should be worn. And if they got destroyed than that was just a great excuse to  make another dress.

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