Pattern Review: The Kindershurze Dress


There are two things I love in any pattern: a vintage feel and versatility. The Kindershurze Dress from Eli Monster delivers on both. 


The dress is a pinafore style dress with straps that cross in the back and go through two large eyelets to tie in the most lovely bow. The straps are wider at the ends which give the bow a nice full look.

Having never used eyelets before I was a little wary but after my husband took a few good wacks at them with the hammer they were done and the finished look is professional and more durable than loops.

The pattern was easy to follow and sewed up rather quickly.










My favorite thing about this pattern is that the clean lines and classic silhouette really highlight Maggie. You see her first and not the dress which is always my goal when sewing.

Dollars and cents: peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1

This pattern is very versatile and doesn’t require a ton of fabric. The pattern goes from sizes 12mo -12y so can be made year after year. I also think it would be a perfect sew for school uniforms. The pattern is on sale for a limited time which makes it an even better deal!

Princess Rating: 56f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc7

I do think a 1950’s princess would definitely wear this to school. Also, the twirl factor is pretty good.

Find the pattern for the dress here .




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