Friday Five: What I’m Sewing Next

I have a lot of projects in my head at the moment, and a whole bunch of beautiful new fabric. This overabundance is causing me insomnia and for my sake I’m going to make a list. What better place than the Friday Five?

Friday five

  1. 2 Purple Matildas


I have this purple fabric Maggie picked out plus some matching green and purple herringbone that matches. I do not love this fabric because I do not like purple. I do however have 2 special girls to make dresses for that love purple. I’m going to whip these up and get the fabric out of my stash.

2. 1 Very Special Kate

In a very thrifty mood I completely took apart a dress I made last summer that I didn’t like. I carefully ripped out the seams connecting the bodice to the skirt to salvage as much as I could of this fabric:


This is out of print Riley Blake Little Red Riding Hood. It is the most adorable Fabric ever. I’m going to use this for bodice, some aqua art gallery for the skirt, and red and white polka dots for the straps and apron. I want to sew this first but I also don’t want to cut into my fabric. Sewing dilemma.

3. 1 Pink Princess Clara + Matching Kate Shorts

I’m making an outfit for a special girl who loves pink and princesses. I have yet to find a fabric for this. Part of me wants to wait for Magic to come out but that’s an awful long time.

4. 2 Pairs of Coachella Shorts

I may be a tad bit obsessed with sewing shorts. They are so fast and take up so little fabric. I’m going to make one pair out of chambray and lace and another out of a floral with a pom-pom trim. My fingers are itching to sew these up right now!


5. 1 Super Modified Emily

Last night I couldn’t sleep thinking about shortening this pattern and turning it into a scoop back. I have no idea on the fabric choices but I haven’t modified a pattern in awhile and I love this idea. I love a maxi dress but they are so impractical for car seats. I also love the ruffled neckline. I’m not going to get any sleep until I make this dress.

Now that this is on paper and not in my head maybe I can get some sleep!


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