Spring Sewing


I am already working on our summer sewing but before we completely succumb to mermaid fever I wanted to highlight some of the dresses we made this spring. 

First up is the first (and maybe last!) princess dress I have ever made. I used the Beloved pattern by Foofoo Threads for this dress and it turned out lovely. Maggie picked the fabric and tulle out herself, both came from Joann’s.

The pattern was easy to follow and the I liked the way the sleeves were gathered and attached. I opted for the elastic back instead of shirring and if I were to make it again I would definitely opt for the shirring.


I do love how the front turned out, I love the ruching on the bodice and the lacing that gives it that extra princess touch.

Dollar and cents: peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1

I bought the pattern during a sale but I had none of the material in my stash so it ended up being a little pricier. It was worth it just to watch people’s reactions to her in Kroger.

Princess rating: 56f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc7

This dress obviously gets the highest princess rating because well…it’s a princess dress.

Next up is, maybe, my favorite dress I’ve ever made. It has been pinned to my pinterest board since I don’t know how long but I always found it a little intimidating. Once I made it, it was not only easy, but turned out more beautiful than I could have hoped for.

Haven by Violette Fields Threads

I love the lace inset on the front, the back is to die for and it’s got a great twirl. The fabric I used was Cotton Couture by Michael Miller and now I don’t want to use any other solids. This fabric is so soft and has a beautiful drape. I did leave out the sash called for by the pattern because I didn’t have any matching material but I don’t miss it.

Dollars and Cents: peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1

I bought the fabric from a local retailer but I only needed a little over a yard for the whole thing because I bought the bias tape instead of making my own. The pattern I also bought on sale and will use again so it was definitely worth the investment. We also used this dress for some family photos my in-laws had taken so we definitely got our money’s worth out of it.

Princess rating: 56f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc7

I love this dress more than Maggie does, but it does have a wonderful twirl.

This is the Joy dress also by Violette Fields Threads. I sewed this up in a fabric that is just amazing, Little World by Tamara Kate. It’s covered in butterflies and snails and flowers. When I saw it online I knew I had to have it for this spring and tracked it down at my local quilting shop. I love the style of this dress. The elastic back and bows at the size give it a great fit. I also love that it looks great layered over a t-shirt. Maggie has worn this dress several times and people are always stopping her to compliment her.

Dollars and Cents: peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1

This dress would have cost less if I didn’t have to have it in THAT fabric but I got the pattern on sale and it’s gotten a lot of wear so it was worth it.


Princess Rating: 56f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc7

This dress spins beautifully. The bows on the sides add to the girly feel and who doesn’t love a criss-cross back.


Last, but not least, is Emily by Violette Fields Threads. This was my dream dress. I wanted to make Maggie a Jane Austen inspired dress for over a year and right before Easter this dress came out and it was perfect.  The cap sleeves, the ruffled neckline, the maxi skirt all made my old-fashioned heart flutter. I used satin ribbon for the sash and what I had leftover of the Little Word fabric. I have still not ruled out dropping way too much money for a photo shoot at one of the antebellum mansions around town.

Dollar and Cents: peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1

This dress is a fabric hog because of the maxi skirt but totally worth it.

Princess Rating: 56f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc7

A low princess rating but only because this scale is based more on a Disney princess and less on Emily Bennett, my grown-up princess equivalent.

I loved Maggie’s spring wardrobe and picked up a few new skills sewing it up. Now onto summer sewing and MERMAIDS!


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