Under the Sea


I’ve mentioned before that we love the Little Mermaid around our house. What I have not mentioned is that Maggie believes in her heart of hearts that she is a mermaid. She has no fear of water and thinks she can swim (she cannot, it is terrifying.) I really think if we took her to the beach she would find a seagull and carry out a conversation. Something about Ariel speaks to her soul and in honor of that we are having a mermaid summer. 

Mermaid summer requires mermaid fashion. I’ve already finished one outfit you can see here but thought I would share my inspiration for the rest. Luckily for us we are not the only ones with a mermaid fascination.

Fabric, lovely fabric

First up is an out of stock print by Riley Blake called Saltwater by Cinderberry. This fabric taught me a valuable lesson which is when a fabric speaks to your heart buy it, otherwise you end up spending more getting it when it’s out of print on ebay.

Riley Blake Saltwater

I have this fabric in hand and it is perfect for summer, clean and crisp, and the mermaids are the perfect scale.

Next up is a line everyone seems to be swooning over: Magic by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller. This line is full of everything little girls love: unicorns, glitter, pink, flowers, and MERMAIDS. I have the aqua on pre-order but let’s face it I’ll end up with the pink before the summer is out.


Something about mermaids and narwhals. It’s irresistible.

I already used the fabrics below but since they sparked the mermaid obsession I would be remiss if I didn’t mention them. Into the Deep by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller. This line comes in lot of fun colorways and there is also a large scale anchor print that I may just find a use for. (The diagonal stripes are actually from the Dot Dot Dash line by Moda, but they’ve been my go-to accent since like February.)

Into the deep

Lastly, I found this fabric while looking for other stuff and it is beautiful. Queen of the Sea

It’s called Coral, Queen of the Sea by Stacy Hsu for Moda. The mermaids are hard to see in the center fabric but she has red hair and a green tail (like Ariel) without the purple overtones I don’t like.

So now I have piles of lovely mermaid fabric but what to do with it?

Summer Patterns

First, I think every person who buys PDF patterns online has their favorite designer. The one they sew the most often, the one that they always recommend to someone looking for a pattern. In this regard I am team Violette Fields Threads all the way. I own too many of their patterns and if I don’t know what to sew I will always fall back on Matilda or Clara. I’m also going to sew up these this summer as well.

Grace by Violette Fields Threads


Paige by Violette Fields Threads


The Kate Top and Shorts by Violette Fields Threads


And probably five others. But I am branching out.

I’ve already made 2 pairs of the Berry Bubble Shorts by Rebecca Page and will probably make more.


I also just bought two patterns from Seaside Notions that I can’t wait to sew up.

The Pensacola Beach Petal Top


The Grand Isle Top, Dress, and Maxi



I’m so excited for warmer weather, dresses, and mermaids! What are you sewing up this summer?


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