Pattern Review: Matilda Dress

Violette Fields Threads is maybe my favorite place to buy dress patterns. Their esthetic is classic and vintage with some modern flair and the instructions are always pretty clear.

The Matilda Dress is no exception. The pattern itself is versatile with three sleeve lengths. I’ve made every version and have loved every version. The 3/4 sleeve is perfect for fall and winter, and the short sleeve and flutter sleeve are great for spring and summer. And can I just get and AMEN! for a pattern with sleeves. Maggie is a no coat ever kind of girl and patterns with sleeves seem to be few and far between.


Love how classic and pretty she looks.

This pattern comes together easily once you’ve printed it out. The patterns from Violette Fields aren’t the easiest to assemble but they aren’t the worst either. The first time I failed to notice the chart for the skirt measurements so I printed those pieces out but every time I’ve made it since I just used the chart.

I love that from cutting to finish I can almost always (barring doing something dumb like sewing the bodice the skirt right side to wrong side) finish it in an evening and that I can make if out of even an inexpensive cotton and it looks great. It’s casual enough for everyday play but pretty enough to wear to church on Sunday.

This is sort of becoming my go to pattern. I’ve modified the pattern to make a top, and made a version with a circle skirt which has not been hemmed as of this posting but is to die for! If you don’t have this pattern and you need a go-to staple for


Modified top with extra pom-pom flair.

Dollars and Cents: peanut-shell-clipart-1peanut-shell-clipart-1

Violette Fields Threads patterns run just under $9 but they run occasional sales with 40% off so I usually scoop up a bunch of patterns then. This does use about a yard and a half of fabric but you can use a different fabric for the bodice and I’ve used up some of my random yardage that way. All together I can make a dress for around $9 at the most.

Princess rating: 56f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc756f9dbf39810df576aa4a559a964abc7

Maggie LOVES these dresses because they have no closures and a great twirl. Perfect for a princess on the go.


Find the pattern Here.



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