Pattern Review: The Pippa Dress


The Pippa Dress by Bubby and Me Creations is the perfect princess dress. The finishing is lovely and the options are endless. Best yet it is a pattern than makes any girl shine like a princess.

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Pattern Review: The Dadaisme Dress


The first time I saw this dress posted on The Eli Monster Facebook group I gasped. It was so beautiful, so clean, and so different that I was practically begging to test it. I was definitely not disappointed. The Dadaisme Dress by the Eli Monster is a beautiful addition to any little girls wardrobe.

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Friday 5: Five things I Learned from #mamamadejune


When I first thought “Hey, maybe Maggie could wear stuff I made everyday for a month.” I didn’t honestly know how it would turn out. Could I get through an entire month? I picked a short month, and a summer month which made it a little bit easier. I did learn a ton, about my sewing, about Maggie, and about what makes this hobby so special. Here are five things I learned over the last 30 days.  Continue reading

Pattern Review: The Twirltastic Tutu


Sewing with tulle is a little like having a baby. At some point in the middle of it you always think to yourself, “This is awful, I will never, ever, do this again.” And then your little princess puts whatever it is on and turns into some sort of magical fairy and you forget every crazy moment of the assembly and fall madly in love. The Twirltastic Tutu pattern from Mummykins and Me is no different.

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